The Song

I should be in your dreams

While I dance at your parade.

You are entangled in a throng of people

Stopping me to see you

Face to face. I was disappointed,

Distraught.  Annoyed. Impatient.

I heard you laughing

With those powdered ladies in wide-bell skirts.   Smelling you. Brushing your shoulders.

You were too generous to pay

attention to their flirtations.   I was mad and walked towards   The stage.

I climbed the ladder

To see a better glimpse of you.

But you are so busy to see me.

I was in the middle of a crowd   And I couldn’t do a thing.

I closed my eyes and opened my lips.

Sounds of melody filled the air

And suddenly the people

And the street froze in unison

At the sound of my voice.

They were lulled to slumberous stare

And you turned to where the   Melody is,

to my direction.   And our eyes met.

You were surprised.   Antagonized. Mesmerized.

You started to walk   Slowly.

Passed the bewildered crowd.

I continued to sing now with tears.

While you came closer

And the song struck your heart

Like a sword piercing your soul.

You were belligerent to

Accept the bitter sweet melody

But you were rooted in   Front of me now.

I cease my song

And our eyes begin to   See the mystery in each   Other’s soul.

We were   Silent but let our   Eyes say the unspeakable words.

You smiled and took   My hand.

We walked   Away from the   Questioning eyes

We were heading towards the setting sun.


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