Life’s Sonata

Have you been so certain
How to live life to the fullest?
Have you ever contemplated
How to attain life's goal?
Can you sing the murmur of the larks,
Can you paint the ocean's grandeur?
Can you dance to the tune of thunder,
Can you draw the flash of lightning?
Can you see the sun approaching,
Or you're too late for its exit?
Have you seen the colors of the rainbow,
Or you too blind to see any color?
Have you reached your goal?
Have you any purpose?
Do you see life in mere reflection
Or just too deep to drown a man?
Have you been to reality
Or too fond to deal with fantasy?
Have you any tint of loneliness,
Or lived a langour of mirth and smiles?
Not a single tear, nor a single year
Life's sonata remains unclear



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